4 budgeting tools to handle Christmas when you are an unemployed mom

I love Christmas! As a child we did not celebrate Christmas. We lived in Saudi Arabia which is a Muslim country and Christmas was not widely celebrated. When I moved to Canada and was exposed to Christmas, I loved everything about it! The tree, the lights, the snow (sometimes), the music and of course the presents!

Now that I have been unemployed, Christmas is a pretty stressful time. Yes, Christmas is not all about presents but I want Zara to have memories of Christmas morning, in our PJs unwrapping presents. And it is  not just the presents, its dinner parties, host gifts, Christmas baking, cocktails, and that is on top of your normal spending.

I want to share a couple of budgeting tools I started to use to help.


This is a free budgeting tool. It links to your bank and tracks your spending. You can set up a budget for each category ( for example, Dining Out, House Insurance, Gas, Daycare etc). It emails you if you have gone over the budget. It did have some issues linking with my bank but once it started working, it helped a lot! The best thing was I found out where I was spending money.


This a free app. It is a coupon/flyers app. It also gives you coupons on top of the flyer prices. You can also search for products and it will tell you where it is on sale.

3. Excel

This is pretty ‘oldschool’ but the most efficient way to create a budget. It is a simple Income vs Expenses worksheet. I was surprised at how easy it was once I got started. It allowed me to see where I could save money for the holidays.


This is a pretty cool website. With a baby at home who has time to go to the mall. Ebates gives you cashback to shop online. During the holiday season, they have promotions for extra cashback as well as coupon codes for bonus gifts.

I hope these tips help! I would also like to add that this is not a sponsored post. I would love to hear what budgeting tools you use to keep on top of the budget during the holidays? Feel free to comment and share this article. If you like what you see follow me.

Merry Christmas!


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