The Working Mom

This week I started my new adventure. I am now a working mom! I am fortunate enough to work part time in a flexible organization that values and trusts its employees. It feels great to get my brain into working mode. Most of the day I barely think about Zara. And when I do, I feel guilty. 

I tell myself that it is OK to be Husna and Zara’s mom.  Being Husna makes me a better mom. 

Growing up I always felt that you have to be one or the other. You have to make a choice. Be me or be a mother. 

My mother gave up her life and her aspirations to be a mom to us. I watched my mother struggle because she felt stuck being a stay at home mom. And now that I am a mom I feel being a mom and being me is not possible. 

In reality, being a mother doesn’t mean sacrificing who I am. I shouldn’t feel guilty for being me. I am more than Zara’s mom. And that is OK. 

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