Mom vs Wife

Before you had a baby it was just you and your partner. Your world revolved around each other. You planned your life together. You loved him with your whole heart.

And then you find out you are having a baby. A baby is the proof of your love. Your bond grows stronger.

Baby is born. After the initial shock, happiness and adrenaline wears off real life hits you like a brick wall.

All of a sudden this partner you loved with so much fierceness is no longer the center of your world. You start to fight. A lot. You throw things. You threaten each other. You fight about everything and anything- money, laundry, diapers, dishes, garbage…You fight about the baby-sleep train or not to sleep train, feeding formula or not to feed formula. You feel your partner in life is not on your side anymore. How did this happen? You had a strong relationship before you had a baby. Where did it go wrong?

The truth is you have both changed. You are not you. He is not him. You are a mother. He is a father. These are both roles you never had before. You are both different. You are both muddling through your new roles.

Your world does not revolve around him. It revolves around the baby. You make plans for the baby. You love this baby with your whole heart.

You forget that you are not just momma and dada. You are Husna and RJ. You loved each other the moment you met. You vowed to love each other forever. You supported each other through job changes, house moves, family deaths and sickness. You built a life together. A life of love and support. You were/are happy.

It is hard to juggle being a mom and a wife. You have to remind yourself every day who you were before you were momma and dada. You are still Husna and RJ. Your love made Zara. You are now Husna, RJ and Zara.

This post is dedicated to my husband and partner in crime. Thank you for standing by me.

How do you juggle being a mom and a wife? Thank you for reading. If you like what you see please hit the like button below. Feel free to share and follow my blog.





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