5 tips to a stress free road trip with a baby

It’s that time of the year when the urge to get in a car and drive out to ‘sunny’ destinations is high! Last weekend we drove out to Kamloops. We have done road trips in the past with Zara when she was younger and they have gone well. This year we were a little concerned about her willingness to sit in a car for a long period. Here are some tips I have learned along the way to make road trips fun for the entire family.

1. You know how they say the journey is more important than the destination? Well I was never a big believer in this. I was always in a hurry to get to the destination. With a baby, you just have to slow down and expect that a 4 hour drive will take 5 or 6. Once I trained my mind to except this as a fact it was a lot better. 

2. Timing is important! We left about 2 hours or so before her nap time. Zara likes to sleep during car rides, so we wanted to use that to our advantage. How ever we knew the drive was longer than her nap, hence we left a couple of hours before. She also had some play time prior so she would get tired. It worked like a charm both ways! 

3. Plan something fun for the stops. We stopped at a rest stop on the way, to Kamloops. We were surrounded by mountains, and the view was breathtaking. There was a little grassy area and Zara loved running in it. On the way back we stopped at Castle Fun Park, which has a couple of baby rides that Zara enjoyed. 

4. When booking a hotel, pick one with a restaurant and an indoor pool. Having a restaurant in the hotel made things easy and convenient. Weather in BC can be pretty finicky, so incase of rain we had an indoor pool to spend time at.

5. When booking a hotel room, opt for a suite. We did not stay at a super fancy hotel. Instead we stayed at a good 3 star hotel so we could afford to upgrade to a suite. We stayed at the Holiday Inn Suites and it was great! This way Zara could go to bed at her normal time, and we could still have some alone time. 

I know sometimes it can be scary to travel with a baby. To me vacation time is important family bonding time. Rj and I travelled quite a bit before we had Zara. And we don’t want to stop. Our trips are different now. They are fewer and simpler. But the memories are forever.

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