4 Kinds of Friends Every New Momma Needs

When you have a baby your life is turned upside down. It doesn’t matter how prepared you are or prepared you feel, you will feel overwhelmed. Books do not prepare you for this. Birthing classes do not prepare you for this. If you are like me and have a hard time asking others for help, because you think it makes you look weak- Well you have to swallow your pride and DO IT! 

Here are 4 mom friends ( or non parent/mom friends) every new mom needs:

  1. The ‘I will come over and bring you groceries, cook for you, do laundry and hold the baby while you sleep’ friend: If you are lucky you have one of these friends. This friend comes over and does everything that you no longer have the energy to do. If you know someone who is having a baby soon or just had a baby, try to be ‘this’ friend. 
  2. The ‘I don’t care, you are coming out with me’ friend: As a new mom you need this friend. This friend will help you remember that you are more than just a milk machine. You are a woman who deserves to go out and have fun. 
  3.  The ‘Advice giving ‘ friend: Yes as a new mom you get a lot of advice. But when it comes from a trusted friend sometimes it is worth listening. Have this friend on speed dial for those late night texting sessions. One of the best pieces of advice I received was, ‘ Get a cleaner!’
  4. The friend(s) that do not judge you when you do not return texts or cancel plans: This is a big one. Having friends that understand that any down time you have is spent either sleeping or eating is a true friend.

    Moms you need your support system. You are not alone in this. Don’t be afraid to call your friends and ask for help. You are not weak because you asked, you are stronger because you realized you cannot do this on your own. 

    Mommas share this post with the friends that supported you! And if you are one of the above mentioned friends, kudos to you!  Comment below on how you helped a new mom out. 

    To my friends: Thank you for sticking by me! 

    And don’t forget to vote for me to win the Top Vancouver mom blogger for 2017! You can vote daily till May 26th! Click on the link below. Have a great long weekend mommas. Be good to yourself!
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