In my Kitchen: 15 min Chickpeas salad and Salmon Dinner 

As a working mom I am always on the look out for quick dinner ideas. With summer around the corner, I want to whip up meals that would be ready in 15 min or less. I am not sure where/when I saw these recipes, but it was a hit even with my 20 month old. 

Here it is:

Chickpeas, Cucumber and Olives salad


  • Can of chickpeas (we used two cans)
  • One English cucumber
  • Kalamata  olives
  • Olive oil

And that’s pretty much it! Toss everything together including the vinegar the kalamata olives came in. This has tons of protein and fiber and perfect for little hands. We also had enough leftover for lunch the next day. 

BBQ Salmon


  • Salmon
  • Dijon mustard
  • Mrs Dash

I combined everything and wrapped in foil. 

On the BBQ or oven on 350 for 7 min and DONE. 

What’s your go to quick summer dinner? 

Comment, shares and likes are welcome! This is my first recipe post! What do you think? 

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