Vacationing with a baby: Part Two: How to have a ‘real relaxing’ vacation with a baby

Summer has officially started. Schools are done for the year and everyone is dreaming about vacations! Last week I shared tips on how to fly with a baby. This week I am going to talk about what to do when you get there! Vacationing with a baby is tough. I often hear from mommas, that they would much rather just stay at home as vacationing with a baby is exhausting. I am not going to lie, that can be true. However I do believe that taking ‘time off’ is good for the babes as well as mommas and daddy’s. Since Zara was born we’ve been on three Mexico vacations, once to Montreal and multiple road trips around BC. Here are some tips that worked for us to have a ‘real relaxing’ vacation: 

1. Consistent Baby Schedules: Zara has always liked some consistency in her schedule. So when we do travel, we try to follow the same schedule as best we can. We generally keep naps and bedtimes consistent. I don’t mean follow the schedule to a ‘T’. There are times when Zara has napped in a stroller or car seat. We have pushed bedtimes a little later if we had a special event to attend. Babies can be very adaptable. It just takes a little bit of planning. If you are in a different time zone, it will take a couple of days for the kiddo to adjust. I always allow Zara to wake up naturally and then base naps and bedtimes off of that. Watch for sleepy cues. If they are starting to get cranky, it is time for some downtime. Keep your bedtime and nap routine consistent. Bring sheets from home for a pack and play or crib. The key here is to remember you are away from home and it’s ok if baby has two naps instead of one, or sleeps in a stroller. You deserve this vacation, so try to go with the flow. 

2. Get a room with a view and patio: I highly recommend this! With a baby you will be spending more time in the room than you usually do. Splurge a bit for a view or a patio. When babe is napping or down for the night, this will be your sanctuary. Perfect for sharing a glass of wine with your  hubby/partner at the end of the day! 

3. Try to always book a suite if possible: This is always my first option. You will need that second room so that you are not tip toeing around in the dark when baby is napping or down for the night. I have heard of some parents eating dinner in the bathroom after putting the babe down!! So here is my suggestion: If a suite is not available put the pack and play in bathroom! No your child is not sleeping on the bathroom floor. No it is not unsanitary. We have done this multiple times and it has worked like a charm. If you need to use the bathroom while the baby is sleeping, use the one in the lobby. 

4. De-stress: Bring a book, stock the room with your favourite drinks and snacks. Wine in the room? Yes please!Order room service? Definitely! Let’s be honest, like I said before you WILL spend tons of time in the room. Make the most of it! 

5. If babysitting service is available use it: A lot of hotels and resorts have certified babysitters that you can use for a night out. Another great idea is to go with friends who also have kids. We did this a couple of times and took turns babysitting so Momma and Dada can have a night out. 

6. Don’t over plan: Try to do one activity a day. This is crucial. Vacationing with a little one or two is tough but doable. Remember that a tired babe is a cranky babe and cranky babe means a very cranky Momma and Dada. So plan for one activity a day and tons of downtime. Trust me you will need it! 

Stay tuned next week for more Vacationing with a baby: Part 3

Happy Canada Day! I hope these tips will come in handy if you are away for the long weekend! Feel free to share tips and tricks that have worked for you while vacationing with a baby.

View from room on Mexico trip #1
View from room Mexico trip #2
View from room Mexico Trip #3
View from room Mexico trip #3
Pack and play bathroom set up. Works like a charm! This was in Mexico and it was HOT but cooler in the bathroom for babe.
Best part about Vacations: Making memories to last a lifetime!

Vacationing with a baby: Part one: How to fly with a baby

Summer is upon us and with that summer vacations. The next couple of posts are going to be dedicated to how to vacation with a baby. Yes it can be scary and nerve wracking. But if you like to travel like I do, don’t let having a baby stop you. Let’s start with how to fly with a baby. 

I have flown with Zara 4 times since she was born. The first time she was 5 months old. The second time she was 9 months. The third time she was 10 months. And the last time, was most recently at 21 months. All flights were about 5 hours or so. Over time I have learnt a thing or two about flying with babies. The younger the babies are the easier it is to fly with them. So I have created a list of some helpful tips. 

Here it goes:

  1. Carrying baby: Wear your baby. The first 3 times we flew (ages 5 months, 9 months and 10 months) I wore her in the Ergo. The great thing was my hands were free and I could feed myself, which is always a bonus!
  2. Feeding baby: Feeding the baby can by tricky on the plane. I was still breastfeeding her at that time so it made it easy to breastfeed during take off and landing (to prevent ear infections and helps with the ‘ear popping’ while wearing her in the Ergo.  You can you tube how to breastfeed baby in the ergo for some tips and tricks. It was a little tricky at first, but once I got the hang of it, it was amazing. If you don’t feel comfortable breastfeeding in the Ergo that’s fine too. Feel free to use a cover or not if you are comfortable. I had a lot of anxiety about feeding Zara when she was a baby. I didn’t know how it was going to go. I brought bottles of ready to go formula just in case. Baby food pouches are also great. Milk is also complimentary on most flights. Every flight I was on, allowed us to bring food and milk for the baby.
  3.  Sleeping baby: Again I am big fan of the Ergo here. Zara napped on me in the Ergo. You can also request a baby bassinet seat when you check in. Bonus you get more leg room as it is in the front of the plane. The bassinet was great for us on a late flight. Zara was able to lie down for a bit and mommy and daddy were able to relax.
  4. Entertainment: When Zara was younger this was a lot easier. I took her favourite toys and books. For the last flight we were on, this did not cut it. We brought an iPad with her favourite Netflix shows. Netflix now allows you to download shows and you do not need wifi to play them. This was such a lifesaver!

Overall flying with a baby is not so bad. Yes sometimes they get cranky or poop three times in an hour (true story!). Just be flexible and do what you need to do. Initially I used to worry about annoying other passengers with her crying. But, through all my travels, I have not met a single passenger that told me to get my baby to stop crying. Everyone knows that you are doing best. And hey if you do meet that odd cranky passenger, I say hand them the crying baby and see what happens! 🙂

I would love to hear what worked for you when flying with little ones. Feel free to comment below. 

Bon voyage mommas and Happy travel!

Stay tuned for next weeks blog post on Vacationing with baby: part two: How to have a ‘real relaxing’ vacation with a baby

PS- This is not a sponsored post. This post is based solely on my experience and opinions

Happy Dada Day: A tribute to my husband

Happy Father’s Day to all the ‘dadas’ today! I wanted to repost this blog post I posted a couple of months ago as a tribute to my husband Rj. Rj, the moment Zara was born, you took on the Dada responsibilities with great pride. You gave her her first bath and changed her very first diaper. You spent countless nights rocking her to sleep. We have had our ups and downs and at times when I wavered you did not.  You are an amazing and wonderful Dada to our daughter and I couldn’t have asked for a better partner to share this parenting adventure with! Happy Dada day Rj! 

No one talks about the dads. Us moms get a lot of credit, and we deserve it, but what about the dads?

Yes moms our lives change when we see the pink lines on the pregnancy test. Then our bodies change and keep changing for 9 or 10 months ( feels more like a year). And then the day comes, the baby is born. You are now responsible for this little life and your world is turned upside down!

Dad, I want to give you credit. You deserve it too. Your body did not change ( there is the ‘dad bod’) but you did not give birth, but you were there through it all. You where there holding your wife’s hand when she took the pregnancy test. You were there when her body changed. You rubbed her back. Made her breakfast, lunch and dinner. Rubbed her sore feet. Helped her tie her shoes when she could no longer see her feet. You were there in the room to hold her hand when the contractions came. And you were there when your baby came into this world. And your world changed. You also felt an overwhelming sense of love and need to protect this little person.

Your life changed. Maybe not exactly the same way as your wife/partner. But it definitely changed. You have given up things too. Your time that was spent tinkering around the garage or washing your car, is now spent running after a little one in the park. When she falls and calls for ‘dada’, you scoop her up, kiss her ‘ouchie’ and promise to never let her fall again. Dads, do you wish sometimes you could go back to your old life? Of course you do. You are only human. But then you hear her call you ‘dada’ and your heart melts. I know you would choose this over spending time going to the gym or going fishing. And, it’s ok to miss it and feel the ‘daddy blues’. I know you think you have to be strong for the family, but sometimes showing vulnerability is a sign of strength. Only the strongest of men have the ability to show emotions. So, go ahead, shed a tear for the loss of your old life. Us moms do. I will not you judge you for it. It does not mean you love your baby less. You have the right to feel the way you do. You are a great dad regardless! 

Thank you to my followers and Highlights from VMTOP30 party

Last night I attended the Top 30 Vancouver Mom blogger party and I wanted to share a couple of highlights of the event with everyone. 

I also wanted to thank everyone that follows me on WordPress, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Thank you for reading my blog, supporting me and voting for me. And thank you Vancouvermom for selecting me to be part of the Top 30 for 2017.

I started writing because I felt I had a lot of bottled up feelings of being a new first time mom. I felt alone and needed an outlet. I wanted to write everything down to get it out. It was almost like a cleansing excercise. Every time I wrote a post, I felt better. When I made the decision to share my blog, I was terrified of the what kind of response I was going to get. I was pleasantly surprised that people were reading what I was writing and perhaps relating to it. 

This has been quite a journey  and I can’t wait to see where else this takes me. I have met some wonderful mom bloggers through this that have inspired me to keep writing. 

For now I am taking a short break from social media. We are flying to Mexico tomorrow for a much needed family vacation. See you when I get back! 

Highlights from last night:

All dressed up for the party!
Hycroft Manor. What a beautiful venue!
Swag bags!
Look at those pillars! I felt like a princess!
Hanging out with fellow mom bloggers!!
Fashion show!! All the dresses are made from Hemp
More fashion show
My swag bag! Follow me on instagram @husna_theaccidentalmommy to check out what’s in my swag bag.
Facial? Yes please! Thank you Skoah!

Letter to J: Thank you for the hurtful comment 

Recently I had an unsettling comment made on a post of mine. The first time I saw it my heart sank and I felt terrible for the rest of the day. I felt like I was back in high school and a mean girl called me fat. I don’t mind if someone does not agree with what I write about and has an opinion about it. But let’s have a discussion like adults. This was not an opinion. This was meant to be a stab. This was meant to break me.

Initially I didn’t know how to deal with this. I contemplated not writing the blog. But then I thought about my daughter and how would I advice her to handle bullying. I would tell her to handle it with kindness, not anger. I don’t want her to give up because one person doesn’t like her work. So I decided to write this person a letter.

Dear J

Thank you for reading my blog. The comment you made was very hurtful. I try very hard to write meaningful content. I am a fairly new blogger and I started writing while going through PPD, when my baby was born. Initially I did not share it because I did not want to be judged and I was scared to have comments like yours. 

My blog is my safe place. It is where I share details of my life, and my family. I write about things that are important to me, and share tips and tricks that work for me. And I get to connect with people from all over the world that are going through similar situations. Is each piece a masterpiece? No I admit it is not. But I am not aiming for perfection. Because perfection is not real. I am working on being the best of me. 

I want you to know that your hurtful comment affected me deeply. But I still want to believe in the good in people. And perhaps you were having a bad day. And sometimes it makes you feel better when someone else feels worse. I forgive you. I hope that you read this and know that your comment makes me strive to work harder, not give up. And for that I want to thank you. 

Take care J.

Husna Thompson aka The Accidental Mommy