Happy Dada Day: A tribute to my husband

Happy Father’s Day to all the ‘dadas’ today! I wanted to repost this blog post I posted a couple of months ago as a tribute to my husband Rj. Rj, the moment Zara was born, you took on the Dada responsibilities with great pride. You gave her her first bath and changed her very first diaper. You spent countless nights rocking her to sleep. We have had our ups and downs and at times when I wavered you did not.  You are an amazing and wonderful Dada to our daughter and I couldn’t have asked for a better partner to share this parenting adventure with! Happy Dada day Rj! 

No one talks about the dads. Us moms get a lot of credit, and we deserve it, but what about the dads?

Yes moms our lives change when we see the pink lines on the pregnancy test. Then our bodies change and keep changing for 9 or 10 months ( feels more like a year). And then the day comes, the baby is born. You are now responsible for this little life and your world is turned upside down!

Dad, I want to give you credit. You deserve it too. Your body did not change ( there is the ‘dad bod’) but you did not give birth, but you were there through it all. You where there holding your wife’s hand when she took the pregnancy test. You were there when her body changed. You rubbed her back. Made her breakfast, lunch and dinner. Rubbed her sore feet. Helped her tie her shoes when she could no longer see her feet. You were there in the room to hold her hand when the contractions came. And you were there when your baby came into this world. And your world changed. You also felt an overwhelming sense of love and need to protect this little person.

Your life changed. Maybe not exactly the same way as your wife/partner. But it definitely changed. You have given up things too. Your time that was spent tinkering around the garage or washing your car, is now spent running after a little one in the park. When she falls and calls for ‘dada’, you scoop her up, kiss her ‘ouchie’ and promise to never let her fall again. Dads, do you wish sometimes you could go back to your old life? Of course you do. You are only human. But then you hear her call you ‘dada’ and your heart melts. I know you would choose this over spending time going to the gym or going fishing. And, it’s ok to miss it and feel the ‘daddy blues’. I know you think you have to be strong for the family, but sometimes showing vulnerability is a sign of strength. Only the strongest of men have the ability to show emotions. So, go ahead, shed a tear for the loss of your old life. Us moms do. I will not you judge you for it. It does not mean you love your baby less. You have the right to feel the way you do. You are a great dad regardless! 

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