Why I write…

There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.

Ernest Hemingway

I grew up in a pretty traditional Indian household. We watched Bollywood movies and listened to Hindi songs. Dinner was ‘Dal Chawal’ or ‘Chicken Curry with Roti’ and ‘Kheer’ for desert.

And in typical Indian fashion, there were certain topics of conversation that were taboo. We didn’t talk about our feelings. It was ok to watch Bollywood movies where a guy would profess his love for a girl he just met and dance around a tree to prove his love for her but in our house we did not hear those words.

Feelings were left unsaid, unless you were angry. Then the yelling would let everyone know how you were feeling.

As every other teen girl does, I went through the normal growing pains: obsession with boy bands ( hello back street boys!), Michael J fox, Shahrukh Khan, and boys in general. I had what I know now is teen angst. I was rebelling in my own way, which in my house meant I was on the phone too long or read a harlequin romance novel without my parents knowing.

I had all these emotions and feelings inside, that I did not know how to get out. We moved a lot so I did not have close girl friends to confide in. So I started a diary and I started writing. Some times I wrote about my day, sometimes I wrote angry words, sometimes I wrote about what I aspired to be. I wrote because it felt good to put my feelings and thoughts on paper. It was like a cleansing ritual, I could put my day on paper and my heart felt lighter.

Fast forward to present day. I write because it is the only way I know how to express my feelings. I also write because I want my daughter to know how I was feeling when she came into my life. I am writing a history of my feelings and emotions while going through the growing pains of my motherhood journey.

Why do you write? How did you get started? I would love to hear about your writing journey.

My sister in law posted this quote and it inspired me to write about why I write.

She is a talented screenwriter, a busy mom of two, and runs a production company! #momboss

You can follow her writing journey @jody_rae_thompson on Instagram or her FB page.

PS: Follow me on Instagram @husna_theaccidentalmommy I take pictures of food, coffee art, my daughter and pretty Vancouver scenery.

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