Book Review: Someone is Watching by Joy Fielding

Someone is Watching is the story of a young woman recovering and healing after a sexual assault. Bailey is an investigator and works with lawyers to gather evidence. One night, while she is taking pictures of a suspect, she is taken by surprise and assaulted. After the incident, she isolates herself from everyone and obsessively spies on a neighbor, who she suspects is her assailant.

The novel is written from Bailey’s point of view and paints a picture of her life before the assault and the drastic mental and physical changes after the assault. The story also delves into Bailey’s family history and upbringing and introduces some rich characters to the story. There are a couple of times, I wondered what the significance of these characters were but the author does tie it in nicely.

I loved the fast pace of this novel, and  even though there were a couple of parts that I felt were slow, overall the character development was done very well. Bailey, the protagonist is a likable character and the author does a great job describing how the assault turns this woman’s life upside down. This is a bit of a ‘dark’ read, but then again violence against women is a serious issue.

This is an older publication but I love anything from Joy Fielding and she hasn’t disappointed me yet. The ending, like all her previous work, is a twist and I did not see it coming.

If you are looking for a fast-paced thriller with a female lead and don’t mind the ‘dark’ subject of the novel add Someone is Watching to your reading list.

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