Book Review: Look For Me

Look for Me by Lisa Gardner is the latest installment in the D.D. Warren series. I have been impatiently waiting for this book after reading Find Her. I thoroughly enjoyed Find Her, where we are introduced to Flora Dane, a survivor turned vigilante. Flora was kidnapped and held hostage by her captor for over a year, most of it trapped in a coffin-shaped wooden box. Hence Flora has demons, lots of them. She works with D.D Warren to find a missing college student in Find Her. In Look For me, the two unite again when a family of four is gunned down in their home and the sixteen-year-old daughter is missing.

If I compare the two, Find Her was a fast-paced thriller and kept me hooked from the first page. Look for Me starts out with a bang (literally), but I felt the story moved pretty slowly. Don’t get me wrong it is definitely a good read but I expected a page-turner. The story was not predictable but was also not unpredictable.

In terms of character development Flora Dane, is as broken as she was in Find Her. I would have expected her to move on and make amends. D.D Warren is a solid leading woman. She is a mother and is forever trying to find the balance between her work and life (I am sure all of us can relate).

Overall, this is as an easy read with enough twist and turns to keep me engaged. I love Lisa Gardner and I hope she will bring back Flora and D.D together in her next novel. If you are looking for a thriller with two leading women add this one to the list! Start with Find Her prior to reading Look For Me. Happy Reading!

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