Canada Berries Winery: Fruit Wines in Richmond, BC

Have you tried fruit wine?

I have been on the lookout for easy drinking fruit wine. Something I can drink chilled with or without pairing with cheese or food.

Recently my friends we’re invited to a complimentary wine tasting at Canada Berries in Richmond. It was about a 20 min car ride from Vancouver which was awesome!

We tasted 6 different fruit wines. All the wines are made with local berries in Richmond, have no added sugars and are vegan. I could taste the fruits with each tasting. Each wine is only 11 % alcohol, so it’s perfect for the patio in the afternoon.

My favorite was the Blueberry wine. It smelled like blueberry and tasted refreshing and satisfying. My friends loved the Blackberry. It was unlike anything you have tasted. You have to try it!

Give Canada Berries a call and book a tasting today. You won’t be disappointed!

Please note this is a sponsored post. This was a gifted experience but all opinions are my own.

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