The 7 rules of dating a Single Mom

As I embark on a completely new experience of dating in 2020, I thought why not make a list of dos and don’t. Dating in your late 30s is different than your 20s. Add a kid into the mix and it definitely adds an extra element. So men if you are going to date a single mom start Taking Notes!

  1. Do not waste her time. Time is precious for a single mom. She could be sleeping, or getting her hair done. Or just putting her feet up and watching Netflix. But instead she CHOSE to spend with you. So make the most of it and don’t waste it! 
  2. Be honest. Don’t lie please. Because hey single mom radar is very sharp. If you are looking for a fun romp in the sack, just say that. Don’t pretend you are looking for a long term relationship or ‘go with the flow’ if you really just want to get in and out.
  3. Be flexible. She is on a schedule. So sometimes she might not be free for weeks. So if you are the kind of guy that is like hey let’s meet for an impromptu drink or coffee, highly likely that is not happening! 
  4. The kid always comes first. If you didn’t know. Now you do. No matter what the kid always comes first. She gave birth to life and is responsible for this life. So if your ego can’t handle playing second fiddle to a child don’t bother. 
  5. She is a strong ass woman. Count yourself lucky if she is interested in you. Yup you are lucky if she is spending any time with you. Raising a child is equivalent to two full time jobs. And she is doing this on her own. So yea single mom is Wonder Woman and Super Girl combined into one. If you can’t handle that don’t bother. 
  6. She is independent AF. If she is giving you time of the day that means something. Yea she pays her own bills, fills out those dreaded forms, and wipes her kids bum simultaneously. It might be hard for her to share her life with you. So just be grateful that she is. 
  7. Treat her like the Queen she is. Yea she is a queen, supergirl and wonder woman. Treat her like one. Woo her.  

Dating as a single mom is not easy. But here is the truth: raising a child on your own is hard AF. Sometimes we just want to let our hair down and just be US.

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