A letter to myself post Covid-19 Pandemic

Dear post pandemic Husna

When the World opens up I want you to remember some things and make some changes. You will not be the same person you were before and that is ok. This will change you and that is ok. 
You will be scared. Scared that things can be taken away from you. Scared that you will have to pause your life again because of an unseen danger. It’s ok to be scared. But that doesn’t mean you let the fear stop you from doing things you want to. Let the fear instead drive you to do what you could before.
Slowing down is important. Living in the fast lane isn’t for you. Slow down and savour moments. Don’t just let life fly by.

Move your body. You have discovered that moving your body feels good. It makes you feel strong and alive. Don’t stop. Running makes you feel like you are flying. Don’t forget that feeling. 
Call your friends and family. Sure texting is easy. But calling them makes a difference. So dial or video call your friends. Or better yet go see them. 
Cherish time. For a long time you wanted time to speed up. Somehow you thought life was a race. It isn’t. During the pandemic you had to pause your life. Life couldn’t move forward. But time did move forward. And you might have felt it was a waste of time. But it wasn’t. You learnt somethings about yourself that otherwise you wouldn’t. 
Hug everyone. Don’t ever take hugs for granted. And I am not talking about half ass hugs. I am talking nice long slightly awkward hugs. 
Thank everyone. That guy at the coffee shop that made you your Americano thank him. And mean it. The waiter at the restaurant that brought you your meal, thank him for treating you like a queen. 
Be Grateful. Don’t forget that there was a time when the world stopped. And everything and everyone you took for granted was taken away. Be grateful for everything you have. 
It will be hard when the world opens. It will feel surreal. It will be a different world but so will you. 

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