Book Review: Jar of Hearts by Jennifer Hillier

Jar of hearts is a twisted story and has all the ingredients of a psychological thriller: a murder, a serial killer, and hidden graves. What’s different about it though is that the story, isn’t about the girl that was murdered or the serial killer, it’s about the victims best friend/serial killer’s accomplice.

The story revolves around Geo, who is charged as an accomplice to her best friend’s murder fourteen years later. Geo isn’t a bad person, she just made some bad choices and poor decisions as a teen. Geo ends up in prison and when she gets out, the murders have started again in her hometown and the ex boyfriend aka the serial killer has escaped from prison.

I should warn you that the story is pretty gory and there are some instances involving children that I had a tough time getting through.

If you are looking for a fast-paced thriller, with fairly rich characters this is the book to read!

Whats on your reading list?

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Book Review: Sometimes I Lie by Alice Feeny

I just finished Sometimes I lie by Alice Feeny. This one was a fast read for me at only 258 pages! Considering how short of a book it is, it is action-packed and the storyline is intense and intricate. It is similar to Still Life by Joy fielding that I reviewed recently, which you can find here, but 360 degrees different!

The quick synopsis is Amber, the main character, has had an accident and is in a coma around Christmas. She can hear everything around her, but cannot see, move or respond. She also can’t remember how she got here. The book goes back and forth between present day, days leading up to the accident and diary entries from the 90s by a ten year old girl.

I like that the story kept you guessing until the very end ( and let me tell you the ending is a shocker!). The characters are flawed like in real life and you wonder who is the protagonist/antagonist!

The book covers some intense themes and can be quite graphics at times. So a word of caution to those who are looking for a lighter read.

I have to honestly say that the story is quite unique and unlike anything I have read before. This is a debut novel from Alice Feeny and I will be waiting for the next one!

So, if you are looking a quick, intense, unique story, with tons of twists and turns, add this one to your list!

Happy reading Mommas!

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Book Review: The Wife Between Us by Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen

The Wife Between Us is Gone Girl and The Girl on the Train, on steroids! This is a fast-paced psychological thriller that keeps you guessing from the first page to the last. The minute you think you have this story figured out, there is a twist that leaves you gasping, ’I didn’t see that coming!’.

The story is essentially about a husband and wife, how sometimes love blinds you from seeing the truth, and the havoc lies and egos can cause in any relationship. It’s also a story of the thin line between love, hate, and fear. Love is a finicky feeling, it can make you do crazy things. When love starts to suffocate or own the other person in the relationship, that’s when lines are blurred.

I don’t want to give too much away, but the basic synopsis is a wife that learns her ex-husband is engaged and getting married again. This news shatters her for obvious reasons, and she acts in desperation to reach out to the other woman but also begins to open the door to her past prior to her marriage and the incidents that took place during her marriage that she had buried in her subconscious. I feel like I have said too much already!

The characters in this book are thought out and each one has an important part to play. This was a fast read, as there are a lot of twists and I would recommend reading it quickly so as to keep on top of the storyline.

This is a must-read for this summer! Hurry up before the movie comes out (there isn’t any news of one, but I can totally see it, being a movie).

Happy reading Mommas!

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Book Review: Still Life by Joy Fielding

I loved the concept and premise of Still Life by Joy Fielding. The protagonist Casey is in an accident and in a coma. She can hear everything around her but can’t see, move or communicate. Of course, people around her do not know that she can understand and hear everything, and they drop their guard in front of her and say things they would not say to her.

The mystery is who caused this so-called accident that caused the coma and if they will try again!

I have to say that I found this to be a slow-moving story. The story is also predictable. It’s not the best ’who done it’ mystery. The concept and idea behind the story are definitely interesting enough but I would give this a pass.

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Book Review: The Third Wife by Lisa Jewell

I read the Third Wife on the beach and it was a perfect beach read. The premise is a family hit by a tragedy, the accidental death of the third wife. But was it an accident? The unusual blended family looks happy on the surface, but of course, there are secrets.

I loved the way the book was written. The chapters go back and forth between present time and how the family is dealing with the death of Maya (the third wife) and flashbacks of Maya unraveling.

This was unlike my usual dark themes. There is a mystery, but the core of the novel is family and that there is no such thing as a perfect family.

If you are looking for a lighter read, I would definitely recommend The Third Wife.

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Book Review: Look For Me

Look for Me by Lisa Gardner is the latest installment in the D.D. Warren series. I have been impatiently waiting for this book after reading Find Her. I thoroughly enjoyed Find Her, where we are introduced to Flora Dane, a survivor turned vigilante. Flora was kidnapped and held hostage by her captor for over a year, most of it trapped in a coffin-shaped wooden box. Hence Flora has demons, lots of them. She works with D.D Warren to find a missing college student in Find Her. In Look For me, the two unite again when a family of four is gunned down in their home and the sixteen-year-old daughter is missing.

If I compare the two, Find Her was a fast-paced thriller and kept me hooked from the first page. Look for Me starts out with a bang (literally), but I felt the story moved pretty slowly. Don’t get me wrong it is definitely a good read but I expected a page-turner. The story was not predictable but was also not unpredictable.

In terms of character development Flora Dane, is as broken as she was in Find Her. I would have expected her to move on and make amends. D.D Warren is a solid leading woman. She is a mother and is forever trying to find the balance between her work and life (I am sure all of us can relate).

Overall, this is as an easy read with enough twist and turns to keep me engaged. I love Lisa Gardner and I hope she will bring back Flora and D.D together in her next novel. If you are looking for a thriller with two leading women add this one to the list! Start with Find Her prior to reading Look For Me. Happy Reading!

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Book Review : The Child Finder by Rene Denfeld

The Child Finder is not a book for the faint of heart. It is a haunting tale set in Oregon’s Skookum National Forest, about a five-year-old girl that has been missing for three years, and the investigator aka The Child Finder, Naomi, who is hired to look for her. Here is the twist Naomi, has her own demons to slay. She too was once ’lost’.

Did I like this book? Yes! It was a page-turner and I read it in one day. The characters are rich and they develop the story. Naomi isn’t necessarily a strong woman, but she has witnessed things that have hardened her. She trusts no one, including herself. She is the leading woman in the story, but I felt that Madison, the missing five-year-old girl, was the real star of the story. Also, part of the story is narrated, by the little girl, as she experiences horrors she can’t understand.

This book will haunt you. It will stay with you for a long time. I hope that the author will consider writing a second book as I can certainly see it turning into a series.

I recommend this novel, but I will also caution you mommas out there, that even though this story is written beautifully, there are some sordid parts. I have read my fair share of some dark and twisted tales and this one is in my top five! Happy reading.

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