Book Review : The Child Finder by Rene Denfeld

The Child Finder is not a book for the faint of heart. It is a haunting tale set in Oregon’s Skookum National Forest, about a five-year-old girl that has been missing for three years, and the investigator aka The Child Finder, Naomi, who is hired to look for her. Here is the twist Naomi, has her own demons to slay. She too was once ’lost’.

Did I like this book? Yes! It was a page-turner and I read it in one day. The characters are rich and they develop the story. Naomi isn’t necessarily a strong woman, but she has witnessed things that have hardened her. She trusts no one, including herself. She is the leading woman in the story, but I felt that Madison, the missing five-year-old girl, was the real star of the story. Also, part of the story is narrated, by the little girl, as she experiences horrors she can’t understand.

This book will haunt you. It will stay with you for a long time. I hope that the author will consider writing a second book as I can certainly see it turning into a series.

I recommend this novel, but I will also caution you mommas out there, that even though this story is written beautifully, there are some sordid parts. I have read my fair share of some dark and twisted tales and this one is in my top five! Happy reading.

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Book Review: Someone is Watching by Joy Fielding

Someone is Watching is the story of a young woman recovering and healing after a sexual assault. Bailey is an investigator and works with lawyers to gather evidence. One night, while she is taking pictures of a suspect, she is taken by surprise and assaulted. After the incident, she isolates herself from everyone and obsessively spies on a neighbor, who she suspects is her assailant.

The novel is written from Bailey’s point of view and paints a picture of her life before the assault and the drastic mental and physical changes after the assault. The story also delves into Bailey’s family history and upbringing and introduces some rich characters to the story. There are a couple of times, I wondered what the significance of these characters were but the author does tie it in nicely.

I loved the fast pace of this novel, and  even though there were a couple of parts that I felt were slow, overall the character development was done very well. Bailey, the protagonist is a likable character and the author does a great job describing how the assault turns this woman’s life upside down. This is a bit of a ‘dark’ read, but then again violence against women is a serious issue.

This is an older publication but I love anything from Joy Fielding and she hasn’t disappointed me yet. The ending, like all her previous work, is a twist and I did not see it coming.

If you are looking for a fast-paced thriller with a female lead and don’t mind the ‘dark’ subject of the novel add Someone is Watching to your reading list.

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The story behind The Accidental Mommy

I get asked quite frequently about the name of my blog: The Accidental Mommy.

So here is my story and no it’s not what you think it is.

My husband and I got married in June 2011 and leading up to the wedding and honeymoon ( we went to Italy and Greece in Sept 2011), I basically pictured us trying for kids right a way. My parents had started hinting pretty much the day after the wedding that they wanted grand kids. In fact my dad brought over a book on Fetus development one night (awkward I know! )

After our magical honeymoon, Rj and I decided to wait. We were young and wanted to travel and enjoy our life. We didn’t think a baby could fit in to our life at that time.

Fast forward to 2014. For the last year we were trying for a baby. My friends were having babies and my parents were asking me when I was going to give them ‘the good news’. I was asked numerous times at work if I ‘liked kids’, and perhaps the reason I wasn’t pregnant was because I did not like them.

The truth was, we tried and I saw many of my friend’s struggle with infertility. I was seeing a gynecologist to determine if everything was in working order.

And then we had an epiphany! Maybe we weren’t supposed to have kids. Maybe this was the universe telling us to make a change in our lives and prepare to spend summers in Tuscany sipping wine. And I was good with this. Rj and I saw how stressful it was to go through the fertility treatments and the toll it took on people’s marriages. We didn’t want that.

So we made changes, we moved to the city into a small townhouse, from the burbs, and I changed jobs to move up in my career. We were going out, drinking, and enjoying our lives. Part of me was happy with this free life, part of me wondered how long we could do this for.

One typical day, Rj and I were both off and we had spent the day with friends. I had polished off a bottle of wine and was feeling pretty content with my life. We had a Vegas trip booked in the summer with a couple friends and we were looking forward to it. We loved living in the city. Our place was smaller than we were used to but we had purged and sold all our furniture before moving and we loved the location. Everything was going great!

But I had been feeling off for the past couple of weeks. Headaches, nausea, cramps, and exhaustion. So I decided to take a pregnancy test for FUN! I was so sure it was going to be negative that I barely paid attention to it.

The test was POSITIVE! I screamed and yelled for RJ to come quickly. He rushed upstairs in a panic. I showed him the test. We re-read the instructions. We were in shock. Rj decided to rush out and get another pregnancy test. Three tests later, all of which were positive, we were finally convinced that we were PREGNANT!

Once Zara was born and I decided to start this blog, I couldn’t think of a better name than The Accidental Mommy, my accidental journey into motherhood.

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Book Review: She’s Not There by Joy Fielding

She’s Not There is every parent’s worst nightmare come true. The premise is a young couple with two kids vacationing in Mexico, who decide to leave their kids sleeping in the hotel room while they go out for an anniversary dinner in the hotel. When they return their youngest has vanished from the room without a trace. Fast forward fifteen years and the mother receives a phone call from a girl claiming to be her long-lost daughter.

As a mother, my heart ached for the main protagonist in this novel. I liked the pace of the novel and the way the writer narrated the story by flipping between present day (which is fifteen years in the future) and the past. The novel reminded me of Gone Girl and The Couple Next Door and had me hooked from the first page. I have read Joy Fielding books in the past and the climax always has a twist leading to an unexpected ending. This novel did the same and the ending was quite unexpected.

If you are a fan of Gone Girl and The Couple Next Door, put She’s Not There on your reading list.

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Why I write…

There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.

Ernest Hemingway

I grew up in a pretty traditional Indian household. We watched Bollywood movies and listened to Hindi songs. Dinner was ‘Dal Chawal’ or ‘Chicken Curry with Roti’ and ‘Kheer’ for desert.

And in typical Indian fashion, there were certain topics of conversation that were taboo. We didn’t talk about our feelings. It was ok to watch Bollywood movies where a guy would profess his love for a girl he just met and dance around a tree to prove his love for her but in our house we did not hear those words.

Feelings were left unsaid, unless you were angry. Then the yelling would let everyone know how you were feeling.

As every other teen girl does, I went through the normal growing pains: obsession with boy bands ( hello back street boys!), Michael J fox, Shahrukh Khan, and boys in general. I had what I know now is teen angst. I was rebelling in my own way, which in my house meant I was on the phone too long or read a harlequin romance novel without my parents knowing.

I had all these emotions and feelings inside, that I did not know how to get out. We moved a lot so I did not have close girl friends to confide in. So I started a diary and I started writing. Some times I wrote about my day, sometimes I wrote angry words, sometimes I wrote about what I aspired to be. I wrote because it felt good to put my feelings and thoughts on paper. It was like a cleansing ritual, I could put my day on paper and my heart felt lighter.

Fast forward to present day. I write because it is the only way I know how to express my feelings. I also write because I want my daughter to know how I was feeling when she came into my life. I am writing a history of my feelings and emotions while going through the growing pains of my motherhood journey.

Why do you write? How did you get started? I would love to hear about your writing journey.

My sister in law posted this quote and it inspired me to write about why I write.

She is a talented screenwriter, a busy mom of two, and runs a production company! #momboss

You can follow her writing journey @jody_rae_thompson on Instagram or her FB page.

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Funny Baby Sayings

Funny babyToddlers say the funniest things! When Zara turned 2.5 years her language exploded. She started copying us and we realized that the time had come for us to clean up our act in front of her.

Regardless, she keeps things pretty entertaining. I am keeping things a little light in this post and sharing some funny things baby says that keeps us laughing. So take a read and laugh a little or a lot!

Happy baby at Starbucks

  • Momma my poop is too big.
  • F$$$k##g C$$k$$ck$r (Yup every time she drops something or falls. We have daddy to thank for this one!)
  • I am so cute!
  • Rj go get milk and bread. (This was my fault. Now she says this every night because she thinks that’s what daddy does when she goes to bed.)
  • Daddy you stinky. Stop parting! (Ok this one I might have taught her! )
  • What’s that noising?
  • Can I get a chicken nugget, large diet coke, and a coffee?
  • I want to make a baby. (She means make a baby using playdough. But still funny!!)

What does your kid say that keeps you laughing? Mine, hasn’t said any of this in public or at daycare yet. Has yours? I am waiting for the call from daycare when I have to explain the swearing. Tips on how to handle that?

I hope you have had a good laugh, because let’s be honest this world needs more funny baby sayings and less of everything else.

Valentine’s Date night : Where to go in Vancouver

Valentine’s day is around the corner! I have compiled a list of my fav restaurants for you mommas and dadas that are looking for date night ideas and BONUS, two of them are kid friendly in case it turns into a family affair!

Here are our fav restaurants:

The Keg: I can honestly say I have never had a bad meal here. When Rj and I first started dating this was our go to date restaurant. Last year Rj and I celebrated our ten year dating anniversary with a dinner at the Keg and we were not disappointed. The Keg is also kid friendly, so if your little one is tagging along on your valentine’s date, this the place to go.

Ahi Tuna and Creme Brûlée YUM

Ahi Tuna

Lupo: Lupo made Rj and I feel at home. It is actually set in a house and it felt like we were visiting a friend’s house. The food is Italian and the flavors are authentic and divine. Make sure to try the beef short rib and the lamb.

Lamb shank, Beef Short rib, Tiramisu, Beef Carpaccio

Wildebeest: This restaurant serves unique flavors and dishes but I promise you the tastes will blow your taste buds! If you see the lamb on the menu try it!!

Lamb shank, Beef Short rib, Fried chicken bites

Merchants : This is our favorite restaurant to go to when we are craving fresh oysters. They also change up their menu often and feature seasonal dishes, to appeal to various taste buds.

Seasons in the Park: I love Seasons in the Park! We got married at Queen Elizabeth park and we had our reception here, so Seasons holds a special place in my heart. We celebrate every wedding anniversary with a dinner here. The views are spectacular and enough of a reason to visit. We have always gotten great service and loved the meals here. Bonus! They are kid friendly and have a kids menu. So if you can’t find a baby sitter, you can still enjoy a dinner out.

Lobster and Prime rib, and Mac and Cheese

What are your fav places to go? Are you planning a date night with your spouse or celebrating with the family? Comment below.

Please note this is not a sponsored post (I wish it was). All opinions are based on my personal experience.