The Fraser River Discovery Centre (FRDC) : Educating the Minds of Tomorrow

When Rj and I found out we were having a girl, I was ecstatic. Rj was happy, but he was worried that he wouldn’t have anything in common with her. Fast forward 2 years and some months and Zara is a daddy’s girl through and through. They are two peas in a pod and their bond is amazing. Zara loves anything with wheels and prefers to play with cars rather than with dolls. In fact we have one doll and A LOT of cars in her toy box.

So, when I received the invitation to visit the Fraser River Discovery Centre (FRDC), to join them for their Christmas celebration, ‘Fishmas a Winter wonderland’, I was excited. Rj is an avid fly fisherman and his dad was a fisherman, so the Fraser River was a part of his life growing up. This was a chance to introduce my daughter to a part of British Columbia’s history, educate her on its impact on our province and get her interested in fishing.

The Fraser River Discovery Centre did not disappoint.

The space is large and beautifully laid out. It is two floors, and had lots of room for little ones to run around and explore.

The exhibits, are informative and made learning fun. Zara’s favorite to my husband’s delight was Sturgeon George. It is a replica of a Sturgeon and the exhibit walks you through their life cycle.

For Fishmas, they had an array of interactive displays set up run by volunteers, like ‘ice fishing’, making mini snow-globes, coloring, etc. They also had an interactive puppet show written by one of the employees, Julie!

Downstairs, to our amazement is a large toddler playroom, with a projector screen cinema. There are a choice of educational and fun shows that you can request the staff to play for you. The Toddler room, also has tons of room to sit for parents while the kids play with toys or watch the show.

Verdict: We spent almost 2 hours in here and Zara had a lot of fun and when she is entertained, I can let my hair down and enjoy myself! I found the staff and volunteers, to be super friendly and accommodating. In my opinion it was worth the drive down from Vancouver, and a great respite from the rain and cold temperatures outside. The Fraser River Discovery Centre is a not for profit society and supporting a cause, whose goal is to educate the minds of tomorrow, is close to my heart. At the same time, watching my husband and daughter bond over common passions is priceless.

Check out the The Fraser River Discovery Centre for a list of events.

Please note that I was invited to visit The Fraser River Discovery Centre and write about it. In return, I was compensated with free entry. All opinions in this post are my own.

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