Book Review: Sometimes I Lie by Alice Feeny

I just finished Sometimes I lie by Alice Feeny. This one was a fast read for me at only 258 pages! Considering how short of a book it is, it is action-packed and the storyline is intense and intricate. It is similar to Still Life by Joy fielding that I reviewed recently, which you can find here, but 360 degrees different!

The quick synopsis is Amber, the main character, has had an accident and is in a coma around Christmas. She can hear everything around her, but cannot see, move or respond. She also can’t remember how she got here. The book goes back and forth between present day, days leading up to the accident and diary entries from the 90s by a ten year old girl.

I like that the story kept you guessing until the very end ( and let me tell you the ending is a shocker!). The characters are flawed like in real life and you wonder who is the protagonist/antagonist!

The book covers some intense themes and can be quite graphics at times. So a word of caution to those who are looking for a lighter read.

I have to honestly say that the story is quite unique and unlike anything I have read before. This is a debut novel from Alice Feeny and I will be waiting for the next one!

So, if you are looking a quick, intense, unique story, with tons of twists and turns, add this one to your list!

Happy reading Mommas!

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