5 things NOT to say to a Mom

As a mom you are constantly doubting yourself and worried about EVERYTHING! On top of that you will have people ask questions or say things to you that makes you want a stick a fork in your eye. 

So I wanted to compile a list of things NOT to say to a mom.

1. Is your baby sleeping?

Never ever ever ask a new mom or any mom this. If your baby sleeps through the night and takes all their naps on schedule from day one-that’s awesome! Good for you! You won the Jackpot! But please don’t ask this to a new mom that looks like she has not washed her hair for a week! Bottom line, just don’t go there.

2. Are you breastfeeding? 

Nope don’t go there either. Do you want to hear about how the baby is having issues latching, supply is low, nipples are cracked, or that the mom is pumping like crazy, taking pills, drinking tea to get her supply up? Do you want her to break down and cry? 

3. Are you thinking of having another one? Or When are you thinking of having another? 

I was asked this in the first couple of weeks of giving birth to my daughter. This was not what I wanted to be asked. My body had just cared, nourished, and pushed out a 6 pound baby! I was still bleeding. The thought of going through it again made me sick. 

4. Enjoy this time with your baby. Don’t you love the cuddles ?

Yes yes I love the cuddles. But I also love sleep, and going to the bathroom (by myself). In the first 6 months when I heard this I wanted to punch people. Yes I loved my baby and I loved that she slept in my arms. But most days I wanted to eat, sleep and pee in peace. So no I was not enjoying it. The fact that I didn’t enjoy it, made me feel like something was wrong with me. 

5. Don’t worry you will lose the baby weight in no time. 

No I won’t. It will take me years. And even then it might not happen. Don’t give me false hope. Or tell me about your cousin that lost all the weight she put on in the first month. I am just surviving day by day at this point. Losing the baby weight hangs over new moms like a black cloud! Don’t go there. 

Moms, what are some things you have been asked that made you want to punch people? I would love to hear your feedback! Comment below! And feel free to like and share! 

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