The Unemployed Mom

I quit my job. Not to be a ‘stay at home’ mom.

Zara allowed me to do some soul searching in the year that I spent with her. I want to be the best of me for her.

So I started this blog.

And now I am going to search for a career that makes me happy.

The guilt I feel though is eating away at me. Zara is in daycare. She cries every time I leave her. I feel guilty for leaving her. I feel guilty for having coffee in a park in silence without her. I feel guilty for watching ‘Love it or List it’ and my home reno shows. I feel guilty for taking time to ‘find myself’.

I can hear a baby cry on the other side of the park. And the pang I feel inside is overwhelming!

For all the struggles I had when I became a mother- the only thing I am sure of right now is that I am a mom.

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