Fur baby momma

Before I had a baby, I was a fur baby momma. In 2011, I was planning my wedding and had just bought a house. It was an exciting time and I was not looking to expanding my family just yet. One day I received an email at the office about a couple that was looking for a new home for their pug. They had a baby and the dog was too much to handle. They were willing to have us have him for a trial run.

If any of you have ever had a pug, you know that they extremely loyal and lovable. One day with him and I was in love!

When I had Zara, I was worried about how Puggles was going to feel. For all these years he was the center of attention. He slept in our bed. I felt awful and guilty for turning his world upside down. I also did not want to be like his previous parents who gave him away when they had a baby.

Puggles no longer sleeps in our bed. He gets fewer walks. But he isn’t complaining. He adapted. And he is amazing with Zara. He is Zara’s best friend, her shadow. It warms my heart to see them together.

Puggles is 10 years old. Recently he had a bad tooth infection and needed emergency dental surgery. While we drove to the vets office for the surgery, I could not imagine my life without this little dog by my side. Puggles loves me unconditionally regardless of the fact that I have been distracted for the past year. Puggles made it through the surgery. But it made me realize that he will not be here forever. Zara will not have her best friend by her side forever and neither will I.

Thank you Puggles for coming in to my life and teaching me what it is like to love someone unconditionally. I know your time with us is limited but you will be in my heart forever.

Do you have a pet and a baby? How do you make sure you have time to spend with your fur baby? Feel free to share this post, like my page and comment below.



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